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Md Asraf Ali, known professionally as Ashraf Ali Sohan (Bengali: আশরাফ আলী সোহান) Is a Bangladeshi Singer[1][2][3][4], Entrepreneur, Writer & Web Developer (Freelancer).

Early Life

Ashraf Ali Sohan was born on 1/1/1996 in Kishoreganj (sadar) district. He started his early life through Islamic education. The next time Hifz was finished by Muhammad Elias. His father Ahmad Ali.

Ashraf Ali Sohan began to study in the Maulana (Masters) line after formally embracing the Holy Quran. On that occasion he first admitted to Al Jamiatul Imdadia. From there he studied Hadith (Masters) in Daora with a reputation. He studied the Holy Hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) from Allama Azhar Ali Anwar Shah Rh.[5], a renowned scholar of Bangladesh. Later he admitted to Jamia Islamia in Kishoreganj to pursue a higher research degree.

She also finished Honors in History in 2018 from Gurudayal Govt College, Kishoreganj.

After completing his studies, he is now involved in Islamic Song and Chooses local journalism[6][7][8] as a profession.


He has an IT business of his own. Whose name is NooR IT[9][10][11].[12] Where he works as a freelancer all over the world.

Personal Life

Ashraf Ali Sohan is an Bangladeshi Islamic singer & Writer. He started As a singer career from the year 2016 at the age of 23. Until now his 1 single song has been released which are “Ogo Nabiji”[13] an Islamic song that launches his new career as a singer. It has gained enough. In 2020, he released his 1st solo album “Tomai Shori”.

He made this album some music director of Bangladesh.

He also providing latest tech news, Programming, Web Design, digital marketing, seo tips, , YouTube tutorial, blogging & more on there youtube channel[14] or website.

Ashraf Ali Sohan is writing for Online Journal, Public Voice, Muktijuddhar Kontho and many other mainstream media in Bangladesh. As soon as you opened the page of the newspaper, you see all the excellent writings of  Ashraf Ali Sohan on various topics of Islamic research. Apart from this, Islamic discussions are going on in the field at different times.

Likes programming in personal life. Likes to learn a variety of new things in technology. Likes to write poetry as well as web development.

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